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Egg tray plant

Our sustainable development policy is a continuous and evolving strategy which has continued to yield a win-win situation for us as a corporate entity, our host communities and our environment in particular.

Gongoni is concerned about environmental protection, complying with latest international environmental regulations. The aerosols manufactured by Gongoni do not contain CFCs alleged to damage the ozone layer.

As part of Gongoni's environmental friendly goal of reducing landfill waste, we have installed recycling plants for reprocessing and reusing of most of our industrial wastes.  We have recycling plants for plastics, metal waste, and of recent commisioned a paper waste to packaging plant that utilises our paper and allied wastes to produce packaging trays for our internal use and egg trays for the general public use.

Farming is a major activity in Nigeria and Gongoni is engaged in the protection of agricultural crops through our range of environmental and human friendly pesticides specifically formulated locally for effcetive crop protection.




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