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High quality disinfectant and antiseptic with broad spectrum of activity against bacteria. Extremely effective for households (such as laundry, drains, sinks, lavatories, washing of walls and floors), personal and general  hygiene (such as bedding) and medical (for dressing wounds, abrasions, skin infections and midwifery) purposes. Septol is non-staining and generally non-irritant in the recommended dilutions.

Septol Anitseptics


Septol Hand Sanitizer

It eliminates all germs causing infectous diseases within seconds without the use of water.
Dries quickly on hands, and leaves a pleasant and fresh pine scent.

The SEPTOL HAND SANITIZER is very effective and affordable, giving great value for money

Available in 2 formats:
- 500 ml with pump
- 50 ml with flip top (pocket size)


Septol Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash

Septol Anti-bacterial Hand Wash is highly effective in reducing the bacteria and germs found on the skin that may cause diseases and infections. Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness.

Septol Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash is also specially developed to help moisturise the skin for a soft sensation with an exotic fragrance.

Septol handwash



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